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Inland Industrial Tire has provided Industrial and OTR tire retreading for over 25 years. We help fleets reduce their total cost of ownership by providing quality retread products. Inland Industrial Tire has partnered with the most trusted precure tread manufacturer in the world: Rosler Tyre Innovators. Retreading saves you money by extending the life of the tire, reduces the cost associated with disposal, and ultimately it is more environmentally friendly. As of 2017, all manufacturing is being done in our new state of the artr 55,000 sq foot OTR Stockton retread plant.

Why Precure is Better

Inland Industrial Tire
  • Highly flexible in tire sizes and tread designs for all applications.
  • Lower temperature cure extends casing life.
  • Consistency of tread product quality results in superior performance.
Inland Industrial Tire

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